JWDailies 06-04-2021

Song of the day: “Woodstock” was written by Joni Mitchell who famously skipped that event for a previously scheduled appearance on the Dick Cavett Show. But she made up for it by writing the definitive song about the gentle, peace-loving, utopian, laid-back, free-flowing hippie spirit of that moment in time. The earliest live version of … Read more

JWDailies 04-10-2021

Song of the day: “Sometimes the Bottle Hits You Back” by Ray Scott.

Poem of the day: “For the Union Dead” by Robert Lowell.

Fact of the day: Superfetation — getting pregnant while you’re pregnant. Rare, but it happened recently to this woman.

Learned one thing today: A couple of interesting jazz tidbits. Some insider insights from a bassist payiing tribute to a drummer he played alongside. The story of the Real Book, a photocopied compilation of jazz sheet music passed around under the table for decades.

Visual of the day: Aerial photo of electric bikes lined up in downtown Shijiazhuang, China.

Good thing going on: The Colorado legislature is considering funds to provide teens with free therapy counseling to cope with the coronavirus.

JWDailies 02-19-2021

Song of the day: “I Know Love is All I Need” by Rodney Crowell. Poem of the day: “For the Father of Sandro Gulotta” by Janet Lewis. An exquisitely beautiful, evocative poem. Fact of the day: Let’s ponder again one of Robert Nozick’s thought experiments. Are we really any different from cavemen (and cavewomen)? Learned … Read more