JWDailies 06-08-2021

Song of the day: “On Top of the World” by bluegrass fiddle virtuoso Mark O’Connor, from his 2021 release Markology II. Here is the original version from his first guitar album, Markology, released in 1978. Poem of the day: “Six O’Clock Flight to the Interment” by Philip White. Fact of the day: The action-packed story … Read more

JWDailies 05-31-2021

Song of the day: “One Way Ticket (Because I Can)” by LeAnn Rimes. Poem of the day: “Tender Buttons: Objects—Food—Rooms” by Gertrude Stein. This is the entire book of Cubism-influenced ‘verbal still lifes’ that are more about the juxtaposition and sounds of words than any literal meaning per se. Beautiful stuff if you approach it … Read more

JWDailies 04-08-2021

Song of the day: “Sugar Magnolia” by the Grateful Dead. (Just feels like this kind of day here in Charleston this afternoon.) Here’s a great cover version by Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs. Poem of the day: “Witch” by John Fuller. Fact of the day: Sometimes marketing is genius. Like this Red Bull stunt. Stratos … Read more

JWDailies 03-25-2021

Song of the day: “Never Saw It Coming” by Sons of Bill. Great song — here’s an amazing live version from 2014. Poem of the day: “Beneath the Shadow of the Freeway” by Lorna Dee Cervantes. Fact of the day: Did you know this incredible tale of engineering prowess? In 1930, to make room for … Read more

JWDailies 03-14-2021

Song of the day: “Anthem” by Crowded House. Poem of the day: “The Sound I Listened For” by Robert Francis. Fact of the day: It’s been shown that happiness is U-shaped with age, so as people get older they get happier. No surprise, then, that older people were happier during the pandemic. Learned one thing … Read more