JWDailies 06-03-2021

Song of the day: “Irene” by Ian Noe. Poem of the day: “Altars” by Austin Rodenbiker. Fact of the day: Informative discussion about what the Apple iPhone ecosystem doesn’t allow you to do. Leaned one thing today: An interesting reflection on the ways in which the shape of a painting influences our understanding of its … Read more

JWDailies 05-25-2021

Song of the day: “Long Wide Open Road” by Darrell Scott. Poem of the day: “Stove” by Philip Booth. Fact of the day: In economics, a culture of “debate through tweets” has replaced “debate through books.” I think this is true in everything, and it’s not a good thing. Learned on thing today: We want … Read more

JWDailies 05-03-2021

Song of the day: “After the Love is Gone” by Paul Carrack. Poem of the day: “Rockall” by Epes Sargent. Fact of the day: A history of citing your sources (and these days, your inspiration). Learned one thing today: Uncertainty about the future of working from home is being to resolve itself — Yes, there … Read more

JWDailies 04-29-2021

Song of the day: “She’s Just Dancing” by David Wilcox. Poem of the day: “By Blue Ontario’s Shore” by Walt Whitman. Fact of the day: This is old news, but there’s a new book on the paltry pop psychology of self-esteem. Learned one thing today: Also old news, but you make better decisions when you … Read more

JWDailies 04-23-2021

Song of the day: “Hurry Sundown” by The Outlaws. Poem of the day: “What Maps Will Not Show” by Al Maginnes. Fact of the day: Lots of animals play dead. Here’s why. Learned one thing today: The next big thing in payments is the palm of your hand. Visual of the day: What do corporations … Read more

JWDailies 04-21-2021

Song of the day: “Hyancinth Girl” by Winter Hours. Poem of the day: “Americans Hit the Beaches” by W. Perry Epes. (Along with his explanation of this poem.) Fact of the day: How you get fooled by social media posts every time. Learned one new thing today: New discoveries show that tyrannosaurs actually hunted in … Read more

JWDailies 04-06-2021

Song of the day: “Casablanca” by Dane Donohue. Poem of the day: “Poem (I lived in the first century of world wars)” by Muriel Rukeyser. Fact of the day: A 3D map of the universe, that includes all 40 million galaxies, is now being created in a clean room atop Kitt Peak near Tuscon, Arizona. … Read more

JWDailies 03-25-2021

Song of the day: “Never Saw It Coming” by Sons of Bill. Great song — here’s an amazing live version from 2014. Poem of the day: “Beneath the Shadow of the Freeway” by Lorna Dee Cervantes. Fact of the day: Did you know this incredible tale of engineering prowess? In 1930, to make room for … Read more

JWDailies 03-24-2021

Song of the day: “Presence of the Lord” by Blind Faith. Poem of the day: “Boy at the Paterson Falls” by Toi Derricotte. Fact of the day: There are measurable cultural differences in the risk-taking strategies of American versus Japanese baseball. In short, the same sport is a different sport. Learned one thing today: What’s … Read more