JWDailies 01-27-2021

Song of the day: “Looking for Lot 49” by the Jazz Butcher. A rockabilly ode to Thomas Pynchon’s sophomore novel.

Poem of the day: “Sonnet for speech too soft & you who’ve yet to choose a name” by Sam Rush.

Fact of the day: Narratives matter. Narratives of loss send us backwards, as this tale of Peter Kalmus and climate reminds us. Only narratives of possibility send us forward to solve problems. (I’m writing a book on this topic.)

Learned one thing today: The stuff we were told to do early on in the pandemic doesn’t protect us, and especially not now with the new variants of COVID-19. What works is wearing masks not wiping down surfaces, good air flow not plexiglass, frequent rapid tests not temperature checks.

Visual of the day: Telling graphic on the fundamental underlying problem with the macro economy — productivity is simply not growing. We keep papering over problems, but none of that will work as long as this is true.

Good thing going on: Researchers have discovered that an anti-cancer drug cures COVID-19!