JWDailies 04-30-2021

Song of the day: “If You Could Read My Mind” by Gordon Lightfoot, as broken down by Rick Beato. Great explanation of how this song works. A musician’s musician — widely repected by his peers as the best of them all.

Poem of the day: “Route Six” by Stanley Kunitz.

Fact of the day: Has the GOP been taken in by its own misinformation yet again? The GOP hysteria about voting is not only factually wrong, it is likely to backfire on them. Their voters were helped more than Democratic voters by early voting and mail ballots. (Call it just desserts.)

Learned one thing today: How to make virtual meetings better? Recognize them for what they really are — a way of working that is more like gaming, so borrow from gaming technologies.

Visual of the day: Do you know the best way to reduce your carbon footprint? Probably not according to this survey.

Good thing going on: What will be the biggest reason for the persistence of mask-wearing? The flu basically disappeared during the pandemic because of masks and distancing.