JWDailies 05-24-2021

Song of the day: “Static on the Radio” by Jim White. (If you the supporting vocalist sounds familiar, it’s Aimee Mann.)

Poem of the day: “Bus Stop” by Donald Justice.

Fact of the day: The NewNew app enables people to pay to cast a vote on what creators should create next. In a sense, it gives people control over what other people do. On the other hand, it gives creators a way to monetize the interest of fans.

Learned one thing today: Marbella, Spain, is where gangsters from the world over gather to vacation and relax. Unsurprisingly, things are getting dangerous there now.

Visual of the day: You can spell out entire words using nothing but the McDonald’s logo!

Good thing going on: The next Barbie Signature Inspiring Women doll will be a Helen Keller doll.