JWDailies 06-08-2021

Song of the day: “On Top of the World” by bluegrass fiddle virtuoso Mark O’Connor, from his 2021 release Markology II. Here is the original version from his first guitar album, Markology, released in 1978.

Poem of the day: “Six O’Clock Flight to the Interment” by Philip White.

Fact of the day: The action-packed story of James Lewis, a 19th-century Londoner who led a life of grand adventures and was acclaimes as the greatest archaeologist of his day.

Learned one thing today: It appears that Americans have moved in a big way toward survivalist values, implying a growing feeling that life is a zero-sum game filled with scarcity in which selfishness is prized. Yet, Jonas Salk and his son published a book in 1981, updated in 2018, that projects an epochal shift from selfishness to communalism as a result of scarcity.

Visual of the day: Doris Day and Gene Nelson with Gordon MacRae on the piano in the 1950 movie, Tea for Two. Great dance sequence.

Good thing going on: Two women in the U.K. have developed and are now testing a urinal for women that can be used six times faster.