JWDailies 05-27-2021

Song of the day: “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” by Solid Air. Great cover. This song brings back freshman year memories of that Basement Tapes bootleg I bought that had this song. My roomie (harp maestro Bill Newton) would sing this tune all day long … Tie yourself to a tree with roots. Poem of the … Read more

JWDailies 05-09-2021

Song of the day: “The Monkey Time” by Major Lance. (Written by Curtix Mayfield.) Poem of the day: “Black Snake” by Mary Oliver. Fact of the day: An extended essay on free will. (Well worth making the choice to read it.) Learned one thing today: George Will on turning 80. Visual of the day: A … Read more

JWDailies 04-01-2021

Song of the day: Not a song per se. Rather, Everything Music host Rick Beato’s list of the top 20 singer-songwriters, with a snippet from his favorite song by each. Poem of the day: “What I Learned From My Mother” by Julia Kasdorf. Fact of the day: Pardoxically, during the pandemic, traffic went down but … Read more