JWDailies 06-04-2021

Song of the day: “Woodstock” was written by Joni Mitchell who famously skipped that event for a previously scheduled appearance on the Dick Cavett Show. But she made up for it by writing the definitive song about the gentle, peace-loving, utopian, laid-back, free-flowing hippie spirit of that moment in time. The earliest live version of … Read more

JWDailies 03-21-2021

Song of the day: “Morning Morgantown” by Joni Mitchell. Poem of the day: “Seemed Pleased” by Malena Mörling. Fact of the day: The global history of smoking. Yes, tobacco. But cannibas, too. Their centuries-old histories are intertwined and implicate much of the worst that happened over this time. Learned one thing today: Conspiracy theorists are … Read more

JWDailies 02-14-2021

Song of the day: “Conversation” by Joni Mitchell. Poem of the day: “At Castle Boterel” by Thomas Hardy. Fact of the day: Chronology of Valentine’s Day — Revelry. Romantic. Commercial. Learned one thing today: Mating rituals in the animal kingdom don’t always end well for one partner. Visual of the day: Google searches for the … Read more